Random Links 161

Further Updates On Nat’s Arrest (Updated)

I’m a little late on the news on this, and watching this closely and prayerfully. This is a good link to start.

Free Nat Now

This phrase hit me hard and it applies beyond this immediate reference! … “Please quit the bitching and the griping and do something for a change.”

Expecting miracles:The prosperity gospel in Africa

It’s here in Malaysia too …

Leaving Malaysia

It is no longer impossible but is it inevitable?”

When Is a Not-Church a Church? When It’s an “Ecclesial Community”

It’s been quite a while since I heard the term “churchy” used in a positive way.

Revathi, are you really free?

There’s something powerful in a name … naming is about our identities and who we are …

The Way Forward for Evangelical Theology

“Could the Evangelical Theological Society ever adopt the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds as its doctrinal foundation? I don’t think it could happen right away. But I would hope that we could work toward that goal over the long term.”

I’ve been thinking about the role of the creeds lately.

For God’s sake

I was pointed to this interview a while ago… looks like I’m catching up on lots of news lately.

” The demand from the West that his Church liberalise he sees as a gross reimposition of an old imperalism. “For God’s sake let us be. When America invades Afghanistan it is in the name of world peace. When Nigeria moves to Biafra it is an invasion. When England takes the Gospel to another country, it is mission. When Nigeria takes it to America it is an intrusion. All this imperialistic mentality, it is not fair.”ť”

Ouch! 🙂

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