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Phyllis Tickle interviewed by Tony Jones

I loved the energy bubbling in Phyllis’ freeflowing interaction with Tony.

Tony Jones on Al Mohler’s Radio Program

Tony did well in my view (whether one agrees in all the details or not – this seems to be the constant qualifier nowadays *grin*). The interviewer/host scored less points for me 🙁 even though I’ve used a similar line we’re focusing on the Who more than the What. But somehow the tone is different. Ok I better not pick bones.

Scot McKnight on The Whole Gospel

Very helpful approach in fine tuning (or rework) how we communicate the gospel today.

“Whence Hermeneutic Authority?” Download and Dissect

Baseball analogies lose me (in the sense it’s not so culturally relevant for me) but I kind of get what Tony is saying. Will try to digest more after this crazy weekend.

Mainline Churches engage the Emerging Conversation

Need to get back to Diana book one of these days.

Karen Ward discusses Church of the Apostles

Thumbs up for Karen … at least when they use the word “Apostles” I’m assured it’s not the strange feeling I get when I see some of “the name card carrying Apostles”once a while.

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