Random Links 164 (Contextual Theology)

Contextual Theology: Liberation and Indigenization

Wow this was already brewing in 1976 USA ..

Towards a Contextual Theology

I think this is worth putting up again. From Asia!

Contextual Theologizing: Future Perspectives

A Roman Catholic point of view …

Bulletin for Contextual Theology

Africa leads the way here.

Palestinian Contextual Theology (pdf)

An unexpected find.

Cultural Alienation and Contextual Theology

worth some time here …

Contextual Theology: a Reading Guide

Library time is coming soon!

A Voice from South Africa: Charles Villa-Vicencio

I heard him in an interview once and was deeply impressed and impacted by what he said.

Maori Theology

This is going to stretch me!

Teaching Theology in an Asian Context

I know for sure some statements and quotes in this paper will scare some Christians … press on!

What’s ‘contextual’ and what’s ‘theological’ about contextual theology?

Interesting observation:

“one of the ironies of contextual theology is that as discipline or discourse it is not in fact bound to any context. For instance, an exercise in contextual theology in South Africa can be recognized as something similar in form to an exercise in contextual theology in Japan. Despite the clear differences in context, both know they belong to the category of contextual theology. There are certain conventions, methodological commitments and ideological presuppositions that make contextual theology a particular general form of theological discourse not at all tied to any particular context.”

Contours of Contextual Orthodoxy in the Beloved Community

A surprise find …

Contextualization Bibliographies

Another round to the library …

Annotated Bibliography on Contextualization


De-westernizing Doctrine and Developing Appropriate Theology in Mission

Much food for thought here.

Some Theological and Hermeneutical Developments of the Earliest Eucharist: Discerning a Case for Contextual Theology

This is going to be a long day.

Perichoresis and praxis in Usenet

Interesting how the tools of contextual theology is applied here.

Mission and Proselytism as Challenge to Theology and Church Life in Eastern Europe (word doc)

An Eastern European context …

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