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August 2007


Random Links 167

Why your flawed notion of change may be holding you back

This might change the way I think about change šŸ™‚

 Deanna Murshed: Evangelicals and Israel

Fascinating to look at the issue through her eyes:

“I’ve gotta admit, it hasn’t been easy being a Christian Arab-American, much less in the evangelical church. How many times can you explain that Jesus wasn’t baptized in the Rio Grande, that there are tens of thousands of indigenous Palestinian Christians still living in the Holy Land, and that loving Jewish people and “blessing Israel” (as is oft cited from scripture) doesn’t mean giving the modern (and mind you, secular) nation-state of Israel a carte blanche on foreign policy or grant it some sort of biblical immunity from criticism?”

 Daoud Kuttab: Good News for Palestinian Christians

I know someone who graduated from Messiah College too … last night we read from a book from professors who taught in Messiah College.  Of course, this post has more:

“I first heard about the letter of the evangelical leaders through an e-mail from Professor Ron Sider, who used to teach at Messiah College, where I graduated. It was a gift from heaven after so many bad statements by evangelicals justifying killings, occupation, and the pillage of our land using so-called biblical interpretations. I tried to get the letter to as many media outlets as I know, especially some of the major newspapers and satellite TV stations like al Jazzera and Al Arrabiyeh. I wanted people in our part of the world to know that there are other Christian evangelicals from America who think and speak differently than the Pat Robertsons, Jerry Fallwells and other Christian Zionists. “

 Christianity and Church

Maggi does it again …

“So what do we with the call of the gospel to become part of the Church, if our experience of Church thus far is just too bad to overcome? The answer to this dilemma, I believe, is not to abandon the idea of church, but to rediscover what it means for church to be fully a community. This applies equally to denominational churches that have lost their way, and to new groups that are afraid of being too committed for fear of getting hurt again. The answer in both cases is not to withdraw, but to create community. And this will not come to anyone without cost and some degree of hurt along the way, because it’s in the nature of creating community that it is both challenging and expensive to the individual. A community that doesn’t challenge your ego and upset your equilibrium from time to time is probably not getting to grips with the faith.”

Korean hostage crisis

DJ Chuang chips in appropriately.

 prayer for hostages in afghanistan – day 21

Eugene Cho persists in updates and prayers.  I join you brother!

“Three weeks = two dead.  21 still in captivity and no progess on the face to face negotiation = lots of pain and confusion.”