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Nice set of pictures from Isaac Cheah.. thanks. It’s refreshing to see BLC and the recent retreat through his eyes 🙂 as well as his voice … (of course, the pictures tend to focus on the singles and those without kids, the families were trying to get the kids to sleep or something like that during the free time and night time). Enjoy his post.


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*Warning: This post has a large amount of photos, which may result in slow loading times. Thank you for your patience.*

Blog readers may have wondered at the lack of entries for the past few days. To clear the confusion, I have been away, and without Internet access, in the quiet town of Taiping.

Where last year’s camp was in the Cameron Highlands, this year’s BLC Church Camp was held at the Legend Inn, Taiping. The sleepy little town which saw rain every day was probably chosen for that very fact; it was quiet and sleepy, perfect for a relaxing getaway.

Read about Taiping here..

Day 1: 31st August 2007

So, it was about 10.00a.m. when we (being myself, Li Jian, John, and Su Shen) left Subang for Taiping. The journey was rather uneventful, (since I was asleep most of the time anyway) In short order, we were having our lunch in one of the many small coffeeshops/foodcourts that littered the place. The food was dem cheap I tell you wei. Where can find Du Kha Pui (Pork Leg Rice) for RM3? The makan was followed by our checking in to the Legend Inn, Taiping’s finest hotel. Not long after, the entire bunch of us went to the Taiping Lake Gardens, where we had icebreakers. This session immediately led to dinner, at a place called the Buffet Island. Guess how much THAT cost?

Quaint little town…

The Legend Inn, reputedly the best hotel in Taiping

They even have The Store! (like Semenyih)

This Pork Leg rice only costs RM3.00

Fried oyster

John, Su Shen, and Li Jian

Chin Hor is at peace


Spreading plastic bags along the Lake Gardens

I think they were dancing (Masaki, Grace, Jessica)

Another fun moment

Such a pleasant sight..

Booby Street? Hmm…

The Answer? RM8.60

The activity for the night was a trip to the night safari, which was supposed to be one of the main attractions of the place. Truth to tell, I couldn’t really see much, and the animals that we DID see were all asleep. I always had this idea that a night safari was supposed to have animals that were active at night. I discarded that notion the moment I passed the snoring rhinos and half-conscious camels.

Taiping : At Night

Since we weren’t allowed to use the flash setting on our cameras, this was the best photo I could take in the dark… (its a camel, btw)

There’s supposed to be a tiger somewhere in there…

After walking around a bit more, we stopped for a cup of joe in town, before we finally adjourned to the hotel for a shower, then bed.

Day 2: 1st September 2007

The morning began bright and early, with everyone happily congregating at the hotel lobby, waiting for each other to start hunting for breakfast in Taiping town.

Eagerly waiting for breakfast

After a sumptious breakfast at one of the nearby foodcourts, we adjourned to the hotel for the first sermon session. This began with worship, with Li Jian and I serving as guitarists, Su Shen and John at the helm, songleading. The sermon was presented by Dr. Voon, from STM.

Pastor Sivin Kit…

We had our lunch at Restaurant Chuan Chiew, another restaurant near the hotel.(you may have noticed that we tend to eat at places nearby. This is largely due to the fact that everything is nearby… the town is that small)

The time came for everyone’s favourite time of the day; The Free and Easy Session. This was basically Do-What-You-Want-As-Long-As-You-Don’t-Kill-Yourself time, and most people opted to sleep. Being the restless fellow I am, I didn’t really feel like sleeping the day away, so, together with a bunch of equally restless people, I wandered into town to grab a bite.. along with a hot cup of tea..

Myself, Michelle, Mo Fong…


Night finally came, and as usual, dinner was a splendid affair.

After dinner, we had a sermon, followed by Expression Night, where the pre-allocated groups were to present a short skit/play.

Not content with dinner, we decided to head out for supper, where we ordered almost everything they had at the Lake Gardens Food Court..

Mo Fong, Jessica, Alvin

Day 3: 2nd September 2007

After two days, the camp finally drew to a close. Breakfast this time round had significantly less people than before, due to the late hour that everyone (or almost everyone) kept the night before.

There’s a Hokkien Association!

From left, Janice, Grace, Tricia, Mo Fong, Jessica, Vicky (shes Korean!), Masaki (shes Japanese!)
I’ll probably only be seeing these ladies again next year…

I didn’t go for the RM25 foot massage promotion..

With the final sermon ended, and group photo shot, we bade Taiping farewell, and started the journey home at 2.00p.m.

I reached home at 8.00p.m.

is was the culprit…

A rather relaxing camp, this time round.

* * *

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