Random Thoughts before the clock strikes 12

Evening sky

As the biological clock ticks on, the energy levels to deal with multiple reactions decrease.

I was told I gave an impression to them that I’m very high tech and trendy when it comes to technology. Then when they noticed my mobile phone, they said they were surprised how low tech and not trendy I am. When I showed them my 3.2 megapixel Canon A70 Camera which I am STILL using … we had a bigger laugh.

I’ve always been more functional when it comes to the tools I use. I try to maximize how I use them. Trend is least on my mind. 🙂 What’s important it gets the job done and fulfills its purpose for me.

Had another “little goodbye” dinner tonight. It was short and sweet. Transitions … life is of them. Blessings to my young friend who has a bright future before him.

I’m numbed or stunned by the recent events bombarding our nation. I’m not sure where to start. Perhaps some silence is needed before I speak further. A silence which is more of a prayer – and a pause for what is next.

6 more minutes before 12.

consequences … there’s always consequences for our actions or inactions. words spoken or unspoken. But more for the words blurted out. Some stuff are best left in ourselves – or at least between us and God. That’s a good place to work it out. A wise sage might help.

Came home tonight and saw two kids asleep. The compensation was spending a little more time with Gareth. Today, Elysia got less …

Listening to the stories of lovers is a delight. But it’s more than just the chronological facts, it’s the meaning in which we invest in those series of events. It’s when we recall the feelings and the thoughts revolving around the conversations during those memories. And I think what’s precious is our God-given ability to actually reflect upon them and draw some insight.

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