Walk for Justice – A Pictorial Journey

Palace of JusticePOJentranceFriends R’Us

The day … September 26, 2007 Wednesday .. a good day for my friends who are lawyers.

Richard WeeFather O.C. LimStandingOfficers

The call was for lawyers, but some of us who were not came to support or watch …

Crowds - on stepsCrowds - in controlCrowds - all kinds

The waiting was longer than expected … little surprises included who turned up.
Crowds - watchingCrowds - listeningCrowds - wondering

I didn’t expect that many to turn up … it was getting inspiring as the seconds ticked away.

Crowds - interactingCrowds - sharingCrowds - laughing

Connections and conversations flowed.

Crowds - under the sunCrowds - cheeringCrowds - observing

The crowd was swelling (and sweating away!) This is a hot and humid Malaysia.

Crowds -thinkingCrowds - sweatingCrowds - standing

Spend quite a long time standing … we couldn’t go without those in the buses.

The cheers for them was moving!

Crowds - walkingCrowds - marchingFriends RUs watching

Finally, we get to walk.

Walk 1Walk 2Walk 3Walk 4

and we walked …

arriving 1arriving 2arriving 3

and kept on walking … it began to rain … but it was good …

after the rainemptyBack to starting point

after the rain … we were still walking 🙂 I think it makes a difference when you are not walking alone.

I guess, it’s going to be a long walk …there are no short cuts.

Even if it’s long, it’s got to be for something worthwhile.

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