Examen 35: Greying and Thining

Sivin Greying

But I still feel “young” 🙂 – I’m learning day by day how one can move from “Young and Dangerous” to “Young and Courageous”. I find myself confronting my fears more and more these days. In fact, I think the greatest battles I still fight are very much internal and the details are not on this blog. Each of us have our “demons” to confront .. and it’s a life long battle.

Besides our fears and internal struggles … the reality of facing our sins is also ever before us. What does one do about his sins?

The reflection from Upper Room Daily reflections for October 1st 2007 is below perhaps is timely:


October 1st, 2007

Monday’s Reflection


A BROTHER ASKED Abba Poemen what he should do about his sins. The old man said to him, “Those who wish to purify their faults purify them with tears, and those who wish to acquire virtues acquire them with tears. For weeping is the way the Scriptures and our fathers give us when they say ‘Weep!’ Truly, there is no other way than this.”

Seeking a Purer Christian Life:
Sayings and Stories of the Desert Fathers and Mothers

For those of us who enjoys a good laugh anytime, the lessons on “weeping” mentioned above would mean that we need to go deeper than the mere surface. Sure there is much to celebrate in hindsight .. but an honest look would also highlight the ongoing growth and challenge of holiness – what it means to become more Christ-like. It’s a long road …

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