Random Links 180 (Malaysia)

I will defend my constitution, my country and my fellow Malaysians. Willyou?

Haris has been consistently posing this question and challenge to us … and now a concrete step that every concerned citizen can participate …go here for more, pause, ponder, pray (if you want to) and then make a choice what to do –> Return the judiciary to the rakyat : A petition to His Majesty the Yang DiPertuanAgung

The Lingam Video: Why A Royal Commission Is The ONLY Way To Go

Good to understand the difference between a Royal commission and an Independent panel

A rare show of mutual regard

I missed this event even though I had a chance to go … some might see this as a compromise on their faith, others would see it as a chance to at least connect with each other’s humanity …

God, save me from my friends, my enemies I can take care of myself

RPK’s titles are always eye catching and pulls you in 🙂

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