Facebook Songs

The moment face to face encounters are replaced by screen to screen "friendships" only then it’s time to sing some songs and make amends!

The first Facebook Song I heard …

with a tribute to Bob Dylan …

All the way from UK!

Nice youthful version! I love the part when you three of them sing – especially when the two guys turn to the screen and join in!

But for all it’s worth, thanks to all who still added me or confirmed me as your friend … on Facebook and even more so in real life! 🙂

(*Update*: I can’t help it I need to add more …. This is part of Facebook culture!)

Acapella!  "I’m wasting my life away …"

No lyrics displayed but the tune is familiar … "I’ll facebook for you …

Raw and I’m "superpoked" to laughter!

I must end now … it’s endless .. with the Facebook Anthem (warning: some strong language …)! I must stop now … if not it’s going to go on .. and on .. and on .. and on …

Okay … one more … Another raw performance with audience participation!

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