The Micah Mandate: On Anwar and Credibility


Looks like all things Anwar Ibrahim is the hottest topic right now.  Here’s some perspective from the Micah Mandate

CREDIBILITY by Goh Keat Peng
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"I don’t see this as Anwar Ibrahim’s trial (in life or in court) but the nation’s trial. The verdict will come from the rest of the world, how it sees Malaysia and Malaysians, our constitutionally-provided institutions, the separation of powers, the institutional apparatus, and the protocols whether or not they are in place and in proper use, how Malaysia will acquit itself as different from other nations who have abused their institutions of state and their resources. More importantly, will the rest of the world judge Malaysians as people who love justice and will protect and defend it? As self-respecting people, we must be vigilant and compel the authorities including the police, the attorney-general’s chambers and the judiciary to do what is right and honourable."

Anwar, again by TK Tan
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"It was quite a sobering moment this morning when I saw the headline, “Anwar denies sodomy claims”. My first thought was that old issues have resurfaced. Reading through the article I saw that it was a new allegation.

His family must be going through hell. And for all that they are willing to put up in the cause of a better Malaysia, we must remember them in prayer. It reminds me again that there are people in the frontline who need our constant prayer support.

For those of us dreaming of change, this must have felt like a splash of cold water. It felt like that to me. The whole movement and will to fight for that change must have taken pause this morning. But we must continue to pray and do that which is right, and give our support to that which is good for the nation."

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Weekly News Monitor: 30th June, 2008
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