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Resuming a daily rhythm requires an important component – the willingness to start again, and again, and again … it’s easy to lapse back into indiscipline or are simply distracted by the urgent. So, Rebooting is a regular experience and accepted fact.

I had this funny little tag line floating in my head for one week… "Thank God it’s Friday: Worship for those who can’t wake up on Sunday!" 😛

Attended a wedding on Saturday, and this round I really felt older … especially when you see the young couple especially the groom who was once this little kid who keeps on saying "I don’t know" suddenly now saying "I do … and I pledge you my faithfulness."

I noticed the need for non-digital time for my well-being.  Analog time helps me to un-clutter and refocus. Whether it’s the sketchy Min-maps I do, or a simple scribbling in the journals, or just breathing slower and engaging in a time of silence.  Keeps me human.

Maturity usually comes after a series of painful and lonely experiences. Wisdom adds on when we reflect on these experiences and interact with trusted guides or friends to help us see the meaning behind these experiences.  Running around in circles is the more natural thing we do, at times it’s getting stuck and not knowing what’s the next step.  Breaking out of this vicious cycle requires some courage.

It’s been some times since I’ve posted some random thoughts.  So, it’s not flowing out at usually.  That’s ok 🙂 I’m getting back into routine for a number of things on my plate.  A few spinning plates actually.

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