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Live From Catalyst: McKnight on Bad Bible Reading

so some level of detox is needed as we get ready for better nourishment from the Bible? 🙂

We must read the Bible as a story. But it’s not just a story that we read, it is a story that we live. “We must let the Bible’s story become our story,” he said, “so that it becomes us, and we become it.”

Are You Sabotaging Your Plan to Exercise More?

15 seconds increment .?

Exercise really is a miracle pill. This is what it can do for you:

  1. Helps prevent or manage high blood pressure
  2. Lowers the build-up of plaque in the arteries
  3. Can help prevent type 2 diabetes
  4. Can help prevent osteoporosis
  5. Stimulates the immune response
  6. Can help prevent certain kinds of cancer
  7. Can help recover after illness.
  8. Builds muscle tissue
  9. Strengthens heart and lung function.
  10. Helps manage weight
  11. Promotes good sleep
  12. Helps revitalize sex life
  13. Improves mood
  14. Calms and centers the  mind
  15. Keeps the brain in shape

The Art of Admonishment

it’s hard and we prefer to avoid it . but then it must be learnt, for the good of all!


Back to the Bible again .

The Imagination of Politics – William Cavanaugh’s Theo-Politics

Back to politics? 😛

“Politics is a practice of the imagination. Sometimes politics is the ‘art of the possible,’ but it is always an art, and engages the imagination just as art does. We are often fooled by the seeming solidity of the materials of politics, its armies and offices, into forgetting that these materials are marshalled by acts of the imagination. How does a provincial farm boy become persuaded that he must travel as a soldier to another part of the world and kill people he knows nothing about? He must be convinced of the reality of borders, and imagine himself deeply, mystically, united to a wider national community that stops abruptly at those borders. The nation-state is, as Benedict Anderson has shown, one important and historically contingent type of ‘imagined community’ around which our conceptions of politics tend to gather” (1).

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