We Are the Clay


MY MINISTRY RADICALLY CHANGED when I realized that what we call our negative sides – anger, anxiety, complaining, criticizing, procrastinating, controlling, and so on – are usually deep inner cries for help. Perhaps they are cries from early childhood, rising from emotional wounds that never healed. We were told so often to get over them, rise above them, forgive and forget, concentrate on the positive, that we thrust down these unhealed wounds below our conscious level.

But wounds do not just go away. If unhealed, they cry like abandoned children in the dark, forgotten places within us. The only way they can make their presence felt is through our negative attitudes, our addictive escapes, all symptoms of pain.

– Flora Slosson Wuellner
Miracle: When Christ Touches Our Deepest Need

(via Upper Room Daily Reflections)

I deleted a “random thoughts” post because before I pressed the publish button I felt drawn to check on some Upper Room Daily Reflections.  Maybe it’s more like transferring those thoughts and feelings into another space – a more appropriate sacred space – where The Potter can do his work.

Somehow the world wide web might have too many hands which is not that helpful. Well meaning, articulate, educated, but band aid stuff which is nothing compared to the deeper healing which comes from Christ himself.

Will there be anyone who will understand and come alongside those who take the courage to face the “negative sides”? Not many can, most are not able for numerous reasons, few are suitable, but there will be at least someone who will be there for us. We will be forever grateful for them. Their hands do not interfere with God’s hands, in fact very often they have their hands off, it’s not so much about interfering than being supportive and a fellow companion. Perhaps more like fellow pots who are a little bit ahead, or relaxing by the side waiting for their turn, either cheering us on or giving us a simple smile of comfort that it will be ok.

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