Justice for Beng Hock


(Beng Hock’s Parents keep walking to the coffin, just wanting to see the son another time)


(“Beng Hock, how could you leave Cher Wei just like that?” Beng Hock’s future mother in law breaks down in tears as she pays her final respect)

Justice for Beng Hock would very much be on our minds as we pause to contemplate this tragic incident and the implications surrounding what has happened. The website for Beng Hock has the collection of relevant information.

From a pastoral and very personal point of view, the two pictures above says it all as far as his loved ones is concerned.

My prayers are with his family at this unimaginable time of mourning, I’m also praying for his Fiancée and unborn child, the days ahead are hard, but may God’s love and grace envelope them during these trying times.

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