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What Is Missional Discipleship?

Some recent events has caused me to relook at the critical place of discipleship in relation to leadership.

But where do we begin?  We begin with a willingness to participate in God’s mission, to follow Jesus.  We’re not just trying to get to heaven, but to help reveal His kingdom here on earth.  We’re not just going to church. We’re engaging love and trust as entirely new practices.  We’re learning to engage our hearts, our stories, our wounds, and our wholeness.  We’re learning what it means to follow His leading because it leads to a life worth living.

And we don’t attempt this journey alone.  Jesus offered an approach that is deeply effective.  He gathered together a tribe of people who were willing to engage God’s mission together.  He brought them into a liminal space of trust, unlike anything they had ever experienced before so that together they could discover a life they were always meant to live, one that looks like Jesus.  And the value of this tribe was having people deeply committed to each other’s restoration.  It was deeper than just an authentic community.  It was a family.  It felt good because we had people we could trust.

Kierkegaard and Radical Discipleship: A New Perspective

I like the last chapter title – “What Shall We Do with S.K.?”. Nice to have the same initials 🙂

The central and omnipresent orientation of Søren Kierkegaard’s life-work was religious existence; he was not essentially a philosopher, a psychologist, a theologian, a social critic, or a literatus, but a teacher of Christianity (actually, a pastor, or shepherd of souls)

Love Vs. Religion

I lost my religion quite some time ago . . . Discipleship is ultimately about love more than “religion”.

If it doesn’t sound absolutely too good to be true, then you haven’t heard the true message of Love. I can only think that people who still walk in religious ways have simply not met the One who is Love.

50 Lessons in Discipleship (1-5)

Discipleship takes place when we are “with people” like Jesus was with the twelve

50 Lessons in Discipleship (6-10)

Asking the right questions is vital in life and when it comes to discipleship

50 Lessons in Discipleship (11-15)

Contextualization is important in the are of mentoring, discipleship should look different today than it did 30 years ago

50 Lessons in Discipleship (16-20)

One of the aims of spiritual mentorship is to help people embody the good news contextually in every area of their life

50 Lessons in Discipleship (21-25)

Living a life of integrity is paramount to good discipleship

50 Lessons in Discipleship (26-30)

Helping people discover and live out their God given call in life is an aim of discipleship

Thanks to the Dream Awakener for keeping us awake with 🙂 20 more important nudges to go!

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