A Connected Pastor


A couple of weeks ago, I had an extremely fun and interesting experience thanks to Onn Yeoh (whom apart from his books is probably most known for his Realpolitik podcast with political analyst Ong Kian Ming).

I think the writer for the article Azalea Joy Lee did a pretty good job considering the purpose and limits of the piece.  I found myself answering some of the questions easily in a free-flowing manner, while there were times when a pause (perhaps even a struggle?) indicates a much more critical stance to some issues.  Of course, a lot of that kind of nuance can’t be included in short podcast and article.  I’ll leave it to the readers and listeners to make their own guesses 🙂

Next to my personal journey, and primary responsibility in and through a local faith community Bangsar Lutheran Church (that’s where the pastor piece comes in!), an important bonus the extension of ministry beyond those central two spheres such as  The Micah Mandate, and also Friends in Conversation got some airtime too!

A connected pastor
Written by Azalea Joy Lee

When you think “pastor”, IT-savvy isn’t usually the first adjective that comes to mind. However, Sivin Kit is one pastor who has a popular blog, is on Facebook and has a Twitter account.

The story of Sivin’s first foray into the blogosphere is an interesting one. He was turned onto the blogging scene by a friend who offered him a section of his blog so Sivin could put his thoughts on the Web. 

After a while, and after changing blog hosts a few times, Sivin finally ended up where he is now at Sivin Kit’s Garden.

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Below is the edited interview audio:

About Sivin Kit

man of one wife, father of four kids
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