Random Thoughts as I Return to Normal Rhythm


It’s been quite an intense period until this blog has not been updated since the Edge’s Sound check video clip on April 17. I’m also overdue with my project 365 pictures.  There’s plenty to talk about but I’m simply tired overall and moving into recuperating stage.

There has been some memorable moments, unexpected friendships and 101 raw experiences to reflect on.  Once again I’m reminded how important it is to have the necessary “pause” in between “intense” periods.  If not, we’ll all land up in trouble physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and relationally.

The mind travels all over the place, and often the heart is not centered.  So, some solitude is crucial for re-centering. One way I do it is through these “random thoughts”, the other more in depth way I do it is to return back to my good old practice of spiritual journaling.

Potato chips and movies help too.  But for now, some “Getting Things Done” principles need to get re-booted again.  I’m come to the conclusion that this re-booting exercise is ongoing and at least for me, it’s practically impossible to be consistently doing it perfectly and without flaws.

Whether it’s re-booting, or repenting, or re-ordering, or re-centering, etc, anytime we’ve been plunged into “intense” seasons, we need a “pause” to regain our humanity less we are reduced to machines.

Yes, no doubt the world continues to spin with chaos or creativity, and locally there will be sufficient distractions to shift our focus all over the place. But, our inner worlds need attention, and without due attention we’ll get tossed our of our inner orbits and then we’re not much use in engaging the chaos or creativity outside.

The sign of regaining my posture is when I notice the speed of my breathing. A thought popped into my mind, it’s so random, I want to learn how to go beyond my 6 finger typing technique! 🙂

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