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Looks like the best way for me to follow what’s going on with the Lutheran World Federation  11th Assembly 2010 in Germany is my regular random links.

Communio Garden: Bringing together Lutherans Worldwide

This would be a good place to start.

LWF Eleventh Assembly

Official Web site of the LWF Eleventh Assembly in Stuttgart, Germany, 20-27 July 2010

LWF Youth Message to the General Assembly

As usual the youth would have a pre-assembly, and this is there chance to speak into the assembly.

We address ourselves to the following different expressions of the global Lutheran communion:

  • The Lutheran World Federation: Through the LWF the different Lutheran churches all over the world are connected, and are able to experience and learn from each others’ reality. This expression of communion is a powerful tool for advocating globally. We ask the LWF to hold an experimental, virtual meeting of executives during the next four years in order to explore the feasibility of using virtual meetings, thereby saving economical and environmental resources.
  • LWF Member Churches: Churches are responsible for raising awareness and for the education of their congregations in their own specific contexts. This includes materials with practical advice on how to change lifestyles as well as theological reinterpretations in support of more sustainable and eco-friendly patterns. Churches also have a responsibility to advocate with governments, corporations and other relevant actors for social, economic and environmental sustainability in policy and practice. We ask members of the Communion to purchase and promote fair-trade and sustainable products. We strongly recommend that member churches only invest in ethical and environmentally-friendly funds and investments. We encourage active share holding advocacy. In addition, we desire the LWF and its member churches to investigate new banking options-specifically focusing on ethical practices (like low corporate bonuses and not rewarding greed) and sustainability practices (like not contributing to the financial crisis).
  • 11th LWF Assembly: We recommend that the Assembly adopt a public statement addressing greed and social, economic and environmental sustainability, food security in the context of climate change, and agro-ecological approaches to food production, distribution and consumption.

The Lutheran World Federation: LWFWeb’s Channel

Here’s the latest video they posted – Women bring sunlight at midnight!


LWF Eleventh Assembly’s photostream

For those who prefer photos, there’s lots everyday! 🙂

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