The return of Sivin Kit to the world of blogging?

“JOURNAL WRITING invites us into a no-holds-barred, frank conversation with ourselves. Such a conversation not only allows openness but also demands an honesty we might not find with anyone else. The space this creates allows us to speak accurately about our condition.

At times I have found it helpful to accurately identify emotions such as anger, fear, and even animosity. My grandmother used to say, “Half the medication is calling the illness by its name.” However, in my vocation as a pastor, I am not comfortable, nor would many around me feel comfortable, if I admitted having these strong and often dreaded emotions. I therefore more often speak of my anger as disappointment, my fear as concern, and my animosity as discomfort.

In seeking my grandmother’s “half the medicine,” journaling often has provided me with space for honesty in naming.” – Journeying Through the Days 2011


Reading the words above from Honest Journaling made me think about first personal journaling, and secondly my public journaling through blogging. It’s been a packed intense season of transition, from flying a whole family over from Malaysia to Norway, to resettling into the PhD Program at UiA.

In a way the act of writing is the packing and unpacking of not only ideas but also intuitions which we carry with us through the day or years of our daily existence. While one is being initiated to the world of academia, it’s important not to forget our humanness in the ordinariness of earthy words.

I’ll try first to get the blog to catch up on the Project 365 photos and then gradually or interspersed between some offering of feeble texts :-).

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