One Take on “Happiness”

Kopi Ais (KA): So how was work my friend? Good to get out and just enjoy the weekend huh? Just let go, you know what I mean.

Teh Tarik (TT): Yeah, it was a hard week. Not very happy one too. Y’know, it’s just hard to enjoy my work these days. The pay is … okaylah, hehehe. But, things can just go so out of control and you just don’t know what to expect anymore.

KA: What do you mean – don’t know what to expect. I thought job descriptions are clear nowadays. And you would have roughly know what you are getting into when you said yes to the offer right?

Milo Ping (MP): Hi guys, sorry I’m late .. you know .. Federal Highway has these weird traffic jams this time of night … it’s gonna be midnight for goodness sake.

KA & TT: Hi!

MP: So, what’s up?

KA: Teh was just telling me about his lousy week.

MP: Oh welcome to planet earth .. heheh.

TT: Hey, you’re on the same planet okay? … Anyway, I was just saying how things are so “out of control”. And I agree with Kopi that on paper stuff is clear and of course it’s just unrealistic to think work is gonna be smooth sailing. I’m in my thirties – so any idealism has already been shattered.

MP: So, what’s bugging you friend? The people … it’s always the fellow colleagues … or superior … or …

KA: I think people is definatelt one thing .. but maybe it’s this sense that suddenly “stuff” just pile up … or something just “happens”. Usually, it’s interupting …

TT: Yeah .. you got that right. It’s those “something just crops up” stuff.

MP: But you can’t let these “stuff” suck your energy man. Because, I’m sure they aren’t gonna end … they just keep on coming. A bit like that 100 Agent Smiths fighting NEO in the Matrix Reloaded.

TT: Oh no .. the Matrix bug has got you too … hahaha!

KA: I agree with Milo. I’ve given up the idea that “I deserve a smooth sailing life”. – Even if I like the idea but it’s just not reality. And if I’m gonna base my happiness on a life with no bumpy rides, then I’m doomed for sure.

MP: Bumpy rides are ok … but if I land up having a “Titanic life” opps … that’s a bigger bummer than being bumpy… Just imagine, you think you’re so “unsinkable” and then wah lah …

TT: Oh no … another “Movie” analogy .. give me a break.

MP: Hey, Come on. I thought you like Movies …?

TT: Just joking .. I get your drift. But how do you guys handle stuff like this. I almost wanted to use another word for “stuff” just now.

KA: After our talk the last time Teh, I had lunch with this old retired pastor. Especially, since I didn’t want you to think i’m “anti-happy”. And he’s gave me some gems. Wisdom .. the real thing. Maybe it might help.

TT: Don’t preach to me ok … and please no regurgitated sermon .. yucks! that’s worse. No mental processing or mal-processing.

MP: Hold your horses man. Let’s hear Kopi out .. first, then wallop him intellectually. hahaha!

KA: Well if I’m right … he said something like this. He said, “We are–all things are–free to do whatever we or they choose to have happen. And happiness is simply our word for a felicitious tissue of such happenings–just as unhappiness is our name for a dire one.” … Make sense?

TT: What …”felicitious”? a cat or something … hehe.

MP: I don’t really know what that is but the rest sounds good. Make it plain, Professor Kopi, tell it to me like i’m a six year old.

KA: Six year old? don’t bluff .. your balding already. I think what he means is “happiness lies in our ability to accept everything that happens and then enjoy it gratefully or reconcile it patiently.”

TT: So .. what you’re saying is … “stuff” is gonna come … accept it and move on? So easymeh

MP: But he’s got a point … drowning our sorrows in self-pity or cheap drinks at the MAMAK stall isn’t to fun though. I’mean .. “we may not be able to control all of the things that happen outside us, or even the very many of the things that happen inside us; but since we’re in control of both our gratitude and our patience, there is always and in every circumstance a path open to the happiness that GOD already has over everything.”

TT: Wow .. deep stuff. Sound simple at the same time. hey, Milo when did you also start this GOD talk thing. Don’t tell me you’re converted?

MP: Well, you can say that if you like. I prefer to say “realigned” or “reconnected” … to mysterious realities.hehehe …

TT: You’re scaring me man. Kopi, what did you do to him?

KA: Used a gun pointing at his head actually .. hehehe .. just joking!

TT: Some weird Christian you are … Your Dad is a pastor some more! Aiyo ..what has this world become? But still … isn’t what both you, Milo and this retired pastor is saying too easy or too cheap … it must be more complex right?

KA: Ok .. here’s where my Christian bit really comes it. hang in there ok? I can’t be something I’m not … so here’ what I believe. I don’t think such happiness is cheap. To me and many Christians … it cost even God some terrible hours on the cross.

TT: I’m listening … so …. now what?

MP: That’s when it hit me … a different kind of “happiness” or a different quality … I’m not too sure how to put it in words. What I’m trying to say is .. “Happiness” is available–and my story (i.e. my life), despite its shortcomings and trivialty, was designed to display just that availability.

TT: Kopi almost gave me the impression that Christians are “anti-happy”

KA: Hey .. i was questioning whether our supreme goal in life is the pursuit of happiness ok? I didn’t say “happiness” is bad.

MP: Before you continue, I need to make my stomach “happy” … its sure available for input. Mamak, Roti Sardin satu! You guys want anything?

TT: No, this conversation is “heavy” enough for the likes of someone like me …

KA: Sorry guys .. got to go .. a bit late. I want to be a fresh as possible for worship tomorrow. Adn My wife SMS me too to come home earlier.

MP: Married men. No Freedom, right?

KA: We’ll talk about Freedom another time, okay! Now, it’s about responsibility … hehehe.

TT: How about you Milo? You don’t have to go to church tomorrow … Christian freshie

MP: I’ll finish my Roti Sardin first … and I’m still single …

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