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young peopleof course, you are tomorrow’s leaders! more than that–your fresh ideas, energy, and special skills are needed today.
I’d like to think I’m still young at 30, turning 31 in October 2003. But the “tomorrow’s leader” really got me going during my teens and later early twenties. But, I never really noticed the second part so much until today.

youth workersYouth work has been described as the loneliest of professions.
I’ve never been a “youth worker” in the sense with a parachurch organization like SU. But, I’ve known many through the years, and it’s really not easy and to witness some serve for more than 10 years is both rare and precious. I salute them.

youth ministersDoctors, lawyers, and teachers are considered professionals because they deal with physical lives, fortunes, and minds. Yours is the challenge of dealing with the souls of young people.
When I became a youth pastor (the Malaysian equilavent of a youth minister), wow! It turned out to be quite an adventure serving both Chinese and Mandarin speaking youth in Setapak. I thoroughly enjoyed the networking with other youth workers, and pastors and of course the young people itself was loads of fun.

educators Brain surgeons save lives; teachers shape lives.
I alwasy tell people if I’m not a pastor now, I wouldn’t mind becoming a film director (in my dreams!), rock musician (huh?), or a teacher/lecturer (more realistic). I taught tuition before, then conversational English, so there’s some taste for it. But, I respect teachers very much and I’m extremely proud of those who choose education (especially in the government institutions) as their career. I’m also happy to hear more and more people in private institutions too. We need more!!

pastors“Do you love me? Feed My sheep.”
Here I am now … loving Jesus, and feeding sheep. 🙂

parentsEven child psychologists and experts are humbled in raising their own children. Parenting is the most difficult profession in the world; yet they receive little training from most societies today.
ahh … I fully agree with this … and no matter how much one reads, and how much advice I hear from people … it’s still a fresh lessons every time. And full of joy as well …

social workersGiven the extraordinary pressures on families and individuals, the interventions of professional in social crises are critical
The only social worker I know in my family was the late Justus Koo (my uncle & former pastor) I find this job mentioned so little in our “success”-driven world and yet it’s so needed.

Thanks to Center for Youth Studies sparking me to think about these Encouraging words for different roles we play …

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