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I’ve switched my newspaper reading to News Straits times lately. Partly, because I want o support my friend Steve’s Chisel & Stone Column and have a change. In fact, I’ve grown to like the paper somewhat, even though someone mentioned that its too wordy for their taste. It’s just that sometimes a phrase or a thought or a sentence sends me into interesting mental adventures.

Today’s comment on the Turkish Prime minister caught my attention. It was the last line in the Comment by Aniza Damis “Erdogan’s calm, powerful aura reflects a fine statesman” – a fuller paragraph might help give the context –

“At the previous night’s dinner, Deputy Superintendent Razali Abu Hassan, part of Erdogan’s Malaysian security detail, had a heart attack and died.

With little time left before his flight, Erdogan cancelled his shopping trip and arranged for a condolence visit to the deceased’s family in Kampung Nakhoda, Gombak, instead.

A fine statesman, and human, too.” (emphasis mine)

Made me think about ….
my first Father’s day yesterday,
watching “Finding Nemo” today which links to my heart to Gareth,
just came back from JB Wesley’s Family camp which had the
theme “Your Family Matters to God.”

happenings in my church members’ lives and ours as a family – i.e. how
we treat people
Reactions or responses arising from either crisis or invitations
loads of stuff …

What makes me a fine pastor, or lawyer, or manager, or teacher, or _________ (fill in the blanks)?

What makes me a fine Christ-Follower?

What makes me a fine human?

I guess, what get’s cancelled gives me a clue to what I’m really made of!

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