Thoughts on “StoryTelling”

Was looking for stuff that helps in my speaking for a new preacher, then got linked to this interesting article “The Six Stories You Need to Know How to Tell” by “accident” or “providence” (God knows!). Thought not specifically a Christian perspective … but helpful!

My brunch thoughts I’m taking with me to MPPJ Library …

To be a person is to have a story to tell.
—Isak Dinesen

the rest is from the author of the article Annette Simmons:

“Faith needs a story to sustain it—a meaningful story that inspires belief in you and renews hope that your ideas, do indeed, offer what you promise.”

“If you demonstrate who you are, rather than tell me who you are it is much more believable. A story lets you demonstrate who you are.”

“Story is best suited to people with genuinely good intentions and sound personal goals.”

“You have to take the time to find a story of your vision in a way that connects—a story that people can see. The secret of a moving story is to tell it from a place of complete authenticity.”

“Clarity is over-rated in teaching. Story allows you to re-introduce complexity over tidy “skill-set modules” so that the skills you teach also teach people to think about why and how they might use a new skill.”

“In a sense, your life is a story and you are already telling that one perfectly.”

Now towards improved storytelling … in life – word & deed!

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