Day 3 – Surprises at Kota Kinabalu

Wow! Mount Kinabalu is awesome! We just caught a quick 3 minute glimpse of part of it! Bro. Thu was so kind to drive Pastor Lau and I in a Kanchil to Kinabalu Park combining with a runnning “tourist” commentary on KK and areas we passed by. The Universiti Malaysia Sabah is a resort-like educational insitution that would be the envy of many for example, and then of course, we managed to reach the starting point of the Mount Kinabalu climb just to wet our appetite for a possible trip some other time!

God is a God of Surprises .. because we were slightly disappointment when we first arrived at the park. The clouds were covering Mount Kinabalu .. so near and yet so far! But when we were coming down from the staring point, heading to the gate .. just a short 3 minutes that’s all, we were graced with a sneak peak at the Mount. Pictures! Pictures! Thankfulness and praise! Yup .. that’s the response.

God of Surprises indeed .. Dr. Wilfred John just told me this morning that Dr. Thu En Yu (Principal) of STS suggested I share for 10minutes during the closing Holy Communion Service. Huh? was my first reaction … this is too unexpected and who am I to share before these wise sages (Seminary lecturers) and experienced pastors. But, since this morning the session was on the THEOLOGY of THE CROSS … I was wondering whether the Lord is giving me a practical without me asking for it. This kuchy-brat, 31 year old (in October), young (with some grey hair), pastor who carries a green Myanmar made bag to lectures and colours his notes like crazy to say a few words in this kind of context? Who am I?

But then, I remembered what I tried to convey to the DUMC Youth, in a nutshell, our witness is more about HIM than about us! This is where the rubber meets the road. OUCH! There’s often so many chances available – surprisingly – made available for us to live out the message, the values, and the convictions we believe in (strongly or weakly).

And a nice surprise I suppose, on a less “dramatic” note. Bishop Voo called us this morning to arrange for lunch. Ps. Lau and I didn’t expect it … but why not? Ps. Lau said yes on our behalf already. Ahh … the Hakka Style food is good. the Pork has fat liberally, oil is not a problem here (more is ok!), variety of course is always there … Ahh .. the joys of eating! 🙂

Nice surprises is always nice … I just treasure it! No complaints …

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