I “accidently” clicked on to the Vineyard Central Community House/Residential Training section. My eyes locked on to this section on “Rest” (related to their training – there are other good ideas before and after this).

“Most Americans function with too little sleep. We’re in the middle of a sleep-deficit epidemic and get about 90 minutes less sleep than our Americans just 50 years ago. It’s estimated that the total economic loss resulting from this sleep-deficit reaches into the billions of dollars. Studies show that creativity and problem solving skills both dive dramatically as we’re deprived of sleep, and that errors in judgment go up. Sleepiness and fatigue are a greater factor in auto accidents and fatalities than is drunk driving. With too little sleep our immune systems are compromised and we become sick more often. A rat can go 17 days without food before dying. Without sleep it lives only 16 days, which suggests that sleep is as important as food. The body also craves routine and functions best when we retire and rise at approximately the same time every day.It’s in our best interests as a community to wind down and retire at about the same time through the week. Sharing the same rhythms and being alert (and in a good mood!) during the day are important to a household’s overall health. Furthermore, it encourages a respectfulness toward our bodies, temples of the Holy Spirit. We encourage a bedtime of no later than 11 pm., with a winding down period starting around 9 p.m. Winding down includes shutting off the internet, TV, movies, etc. and preparing for a night’s rest by reading and prayer.” (emphasis is mine – on what caught my attention)

Sounds like lots of applications relevant to my context! Oh … look at the time!!

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