pre-CONFESSIONS: Coming Out of the Closet ?!

Don’t worry I’m not a homosexual (practicing or non-practising). Though a recent question from a younger man sparked me to refine my responses on this issue.

It’s been quite a season. The Father’s House Renovation, Teachin at AYALI, facilitating a workshop at the SUFES youth worker’s conference, wedding dinners (I love them because I get to be with the unchurched or dechurched!), personal conversations (& inner concersations with myself & God) and ministry.

a couple of weeks ago (19 Augu 2003 10:45am to be precise) I picked up McLaren’s book “New Kind of Christian” again and committed to begin answering the three questions his book tried to answer for himself and others. they are :

1. Why am I not the same kind of Christian I used to be?

2. What might a new kind of Christian be like?

3. How might one become a new kind of Christian one if one is so inclined?

As I used the personal timeline tool for both AYALI’s classes and the SUFES workshop (on different matters), I think I can articulate myself better now. (I’m just in the flow you may say). Managed to scribble some draft thoughts this morning after something significant that happened last night at & after prayer with a handful of BLCians. Hope to post the “working answers” soon so others may benefit from my pilgrimage.

It’s scary though .. but necessary. I must say the “renovations” of God in my life has been outrageous, tremendous, courageous, earth-shaking, astonishing, disturbing, … these changes are significant, soul searching and I believe Spirit-led.

That’s why, I do sense the Acceptance and Affirmation from God the Father. The Apprenticeship of God the SON. And the Aligning work of GOD the SPIRIT. Thanks …

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