What is the Question again?

It’s not –> “If you were to die tonight would you go to heaven?”

It is –> “If you knew you were going to live forever what kind of person would you like to be?”

A wonderful reminder by Keith Matthew’s message “Living Now in the Kingdom of God Entering the Kingdom of God, Pt. 1” re-aligning us to The Gospel of Jesus invites us to enter His kingdom. But how do we enter this kingdom? Here are three entrance requirements to be met.

My quick notes below …

John 3Born from above (i.e. Born into a new Reality)
Some key words: “Surrender”, “Intention” – not just decision but a “long obedience in the same direction”
“Believe” – not just mental assent but a practical belief.

Matthew 18Become like a little child (i.e. exercise humility of a little child age 6-9)
Qualities – Real & unpretentious, self-assertive
& exercise total dependance & trust

Matthew 5Righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees & teacher of the law (i.e. kingdom focus not religion-legalism-status quo focus)
– Forsake legalism as a form of righteousness
(Being more important than doing)
(God want our hearts more than our works!)

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