Sacred Sunset Time


Yesterday was quite a marathon considering I reached home around 11:30pm. I must say it was one of the more eventful and yet enjoyable council meetings. Eventful because Edward’s car broke down so we had to change venue (which is ok!), then my watch broke down (so I totally lost track of time), made a wrong turning on the way (usually not my style) …. Enjoyable,, because the focus of all the council members was on ministry and what we felt GOD has called us to do. There was a fresh healthy appreciation of the reality we’re in both in areas where it’s beautiful (GOD’s grace at work) and where we are broken (God’s grace at work in repairing!) An extra joy was because it was not just a so called “business”-“work” meeting … it was a time of sharing lives, praying and envisioning & committing to serve in whatever way possible … now that’s a blessing!

Sat down with a “broken” soul this afternoon, talked a little .. ate together – one plate of noddles shared, Ice Kacang and a warm drink. I was glad that some sharing occured, prayerfully some connection made – trusting GOD is making connections somehow! I believe … He can make all things beautiful in His time …

Tonight, we’re going to spend time as a family … just the three of us. We miss that especially when May Chin is adjusting to new work, I’m still finalizing the renovation and re-orientating BLC ministry, Gareth is growing new teeth and toughening up his legs trying to stand, crawl and walk.

We bring all that is beautiful and all that is broken before you … all that is within us and all that has been shared to us in one way or another and lay it at Jesus Feet so the Spirit can somehow bless it ….

When GOD’s presence is present, time stands still and it’s sacred …

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