What an Ending for a Beginning!


Third row from the back, smack in the middle with one of the best views in the cinema! Yes, May Chin & I had a “wow!” time watching the last installment of the “Lord of the Rings” Trilogy to start our New year!

Thought about how I ended year 2003 when I finished reading the whole book of Daniel (using The Message) in one sitting … it was awesome! That way of ending the year sparked another beginning of a greater love for “reading”, “reflecting” & “responding” to God’s word!

To top that up .. I think I heard Gareth call me “Papa” consciously, intentionally, lovingly & funnily today ….

We had a leisurely morning with enough sleep, and some mini shopping … happy to see May Chin get some stuff she wanted.

Gareth was browsing some books with me at the “Pay Less Books” shop. Got Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes for a decent price by William Bridges (I think I read about this in Todd Hunter’s Articles Part 1 & Part 2 last year in Allelon)!!

Ended the evening reading a couple of pages of “The Hobbit”, and then fell asleep until this morning well rested again … what a way to end the night (or in another way to begin the day (i.e. being restful assured that God is at work even when i’m asleep!)

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