James & Job!

Happy to see James Tan our very own Worship Catalyst (our experimental new term for what was formerly known as Worship Director) is blogging again! My young friend’s scribblings are worth a read to catch a glimpse into his soul …

Reading the book of Job from The Message by Eugene Peterson, I’m intrigued by the fact that reading this book at this stage of my life bears a different meaning from my teenage years.

The advice given by Job’s friends sound all too familiar.

“You must have sinned to be going through what you’re going through now… go and repent.”

“Bad things only happen to those who don’t love God.”

“How could you question God in such a manner?”

I realize now, the friends of Job are meant to be examples of fellow believers… and how their lack of depth in the understanding of God and faith lead to the unbiblical judgements that they hold.

The truth is… sometimes good people go through shit as well. And the most faithful of God’s followers may not have a perfect life. Well, life in the fallen world is like that.

Questioning God the way Job questioned God is part of a healthy spiritual life. It’s not healthy or more noble when you don’t ask God questions. He was being honest… questioning the logic behind his suffering and why God would allow it.

When there is a sense of injustice, there will be questions, there will be pain, and there will be doubt. Keeping these emotions hidden, pretending that it’s all alright, and that you are deeply in love with God every second of every day will only lead to a path of thorns.

We can all be honest with God. He can take it. He can take our doubts and our interrogation. He really can. Isn’t that what a real relationship is about? Working through uncomfortable situations, and having uncomfortable conversations… all this so that you can both grow closer together.


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