Leadership – – not evil!

“See, I’m a little nervous about the “emerging” leadership discussion, because I think our reaction against the “authority and control” leadership style, is to just simply NOT LEAD.

Leadership in itself is not an evil. Vision is not evil. Mission Statements and all that rigamaru, not evil. The problem is, leaders screw up. I would hope that most of us though, have had an experience with a leader that made us want to be around them. Be like them. Be led by them. Be influenced by them. And to commit to them. Follow their vision. ETC. ”
~ a new Jason I’m reading (Sailor and a Scholar on Servant Leadership (with cool Last Samurai Picture! )


Working through Henri Nouwen’s wonderful little book In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership did me much good … I stumbled on this study guide on the net, I think I’m going to swim through it’s 81 pages one more time after Jason’s “samurai” blog!

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