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Jason Clark was kind enough to invite me to join the emergent group blog. Haven’t put up my maiden post yet, maybe little shy? Most of the voices on the “Emerging Church” are from UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and maybe parts of Europe. The “language” is mostly framed with the however-you-define-it “postmodernity” in mind. So I do feel timid and a little inferior so speak as a 32 year old Asian – Malaysian – Chinese-male (actually why should I feel this way … just being honest here!).

I’m planning to enjoy this weekend’s ministry first with our Interactive Worship gathering tomorrow and teach our first See Through the Scriptures class and then be a “contributor” to HELP Christian Fellowship’s Leaders Training from 2pm -7pm, and then try to put some thoughts down.

I thought of using the questions & reflections from Andrew Jones who’s been doing a wonderful job getting the conversation going with the following posts:

Defining the Emerging Church
Emerging Church Definition 1.0
Emerging Church Definition 2.0
Emerging Church Definition 3.0
Emerging Church Definition 4.0

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