To Sermon or not to Sermon

Here’s an interesting article ~ Is our preaching out of touch? but Maggi Dawn’s no-preparation sermon really got my attention 🙂

consider the following insights from her:

What’s interesting, though, is the effect of the unprepared sermon. Instead of preaching, I’m simply talking, out of the breadth of my knowledge and experience, in immediate response to the readings. Instead of the security and superiority of a well-prepared message, I offer something in vulnerability: it’s not beatifully crafted, not perfectly ‘wrapped’; there are moments when I have to pause to find the right word, or go back over something and say it again because it didn’t come out right the first time. I’ve noticed a definite receptiveness to this kind of talking-homily; also a freedom for people to pick up the conversation later over coffee. Perhaps the very fact it’s unpolished gives people the confidence to take the conversation further.

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