Mainstream no longer?

I just thought about a fun conversation I had with a former pastor and now turned writer (plus “other stuff” I think). It was strange because we haven’t really seriously sat down and talked before. all our personal conversations have been on the phone and here and there through email and SMS. I’m really looking forward to spend sometime with him this week (if possible). One remark struck me then, when he commented that how he’s no longer in the mainstream and how there was a freedom to “see” things differently, and “say” different things (ok … that’s how I perceived his statement). Tonight as I write here after a long day, and some “unexpected” interactions I feel I’mean really feel I’m not in the mainstream as well … what is in the mind of some Christians I meet baffles me, what are their priorities trouble me, what is the interest of their conversations bore me, the low level of trust (a kind of automatic suspicion) hurts me, the lack of direction and clarity and focus makes me wonder in l sorts of directions … (I’m not talking about those who are stuggling .. but those who are so called “mainstream” strong ones or even leaders)

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