Night No. 3 … Gentle Whispers

Journey Woman is the first (apart from me) to blog her “thots” in Walking in silence

One by one or two by two … they walk in the Father’s House front door … Each receives the guide and a simple floor plan on how the journey goes.

Unlike last year where I prayed with them at the end. Today, I started with a simple explanation of what we’re doing here and why. A simple laying of hands … an honest prayer and a smile for their journey.

They move from one station to another. Some faster, others slower. There was kneeling, journaling, sitting quietly, standing, reading, listening, praying, worshipping, lifting up a small rock, “voting” …

Some managed to share with me some thoughts and feelings … I treasure the sharing close to my heart.

We came in from a world blasting with noise into a house transformed into a house of prayer … we had but one desire to hear His gentle whispers …

I don’t think we can end at 9.30pm it’s already 10.25pm … when God is speaking to his people why the rush?

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