Antidote to Discouragement

One more before I collect BLC’s Newsletter Mustard Seed from the photocopy centre at Damansara Jaya. Today, the nourishment is suplied by Gordon Cosby:

“During the last ten years, our national economy has been doing well, we are told. Yet more and more people are sliding into poverty’s grip. All those statistics represent human beings who suffer and whose children don’t eat well.

In the face of such desperate need, no matter how I try to love and to care and to give myself with abandon to God and to people, I find that I always have to turn my back on more people than I can help. The more deeply I care, the more painful it is to watch what I cannot do–and what other people can’t or won’t do.

When I’m surrounded with such misery of body and spirit and can respond to only an infinitesimal part of that suffering–that, for me, is discouraging. It destroys my courage.

When reality is infinitely discouraging, how am I supposed to keep hoping? How can I keep up my courage? The only antidote to such discouragement, I believe, is to become rooted in another reality.” ~ That’s just the opening paragraph. For more read here .

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