Night No. 4 … The Meal

Strange isn’t it? When my assitant is not around and I’m expecting people to stroll in later. Two come early and four on time … and this 21-C Aaronic Priest (I mean “me”) still have not lit up the candles. The lamb (I mean “lamb chop” is still in the car). Music not set up yet. No sweat? Not in Malaysia!

Anyway, after the pilgrims patiently waited for this “priesy”/”pastor” to get things ready, the journey begins while I try to get our mini-sample-passover meal ready (I got some ideas from here).

It was nice to connect the Lord’s Supper with the Passover Meal. And I appreciated the symbolism and the “reliving” element.

We read from four passages of Scripture – from Exodus, Psalms 1 Corinthians and John. I gave some mini-comments as we tasted small portions of the various dishes. And they were very small dishes, each could just manage to get a bite and a taste. We ended with prayer and for some – they started rheir journey, for others – they were near completion.

Frankly this is the first time in my own Christian life I took Maundy Thursday (BBC short comment) seriously. It was a gradual thing I suppose. Once I decided to take the church/christian calender seriously (it’s like now even my hours, days, months and years revolve around Christ), I find it somehow taking hold of me more … and I feel it’s for the better.
I know we missed out on the washing of feet this year. I can’t recall when did we do it … probably the second year of BLC. Anyway, fo me today the meal brought me some focus on the Holy Communion and it’s significance.

Next year, maybe we could do a full meal including footwashing etc. I was delighted that at least for one person, this mini-meal we did tonight originally was meant for just tasting really filled her hungry stomach. Maybe that’s how it is with our journey with God, we start of thinking it’s just for tasting when it’s really fulfilling God’s best for us!

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