Random Thoughts while Wife watches “Fear Factor”

The Worship rehearsal was refreshing tonight and energizing. The “what do you want?” question did wonders for us during the mid-practice break. I was “treasure” authentic prayer times that arise from the sharing.

wow! Can Amazon’s A9.com give Google a run for their money?

I was impressed by the spider in Journey Woman and a new frien Tiki‘s new business … www.cheapspider.com

Just wondering how the HELP CF members will take my approach to music, movies and media in general tomorrow. Really looking forward to the Forum with two other panel members, a psychologist and another one working with Focus on the Family Malaysia.

Handling Gareth and his cousin Darlene is not easy at all. I’ve got a greater appreciation to May Chin’s parents for taking wonderful care of them. It was fun driving around with Gareth lately .. good father and son bonding moments. I’m thankful!

For the “What do you want?” question, I shared I just wanted Gareth to have the same fun-filled, playful, explorative, enjoyable, creative and educational childhood I had. Not the mechanical, robotic, exam driven, pressure-cooked, factory-produced … so called “for your child’s future” kind of education sold to the masses in Malaysia today. I’ll take my chances!

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