Random Thoughts while waiting

There’s a distance when one is reading a blog or even commenting on someones blog. Meeting face to face makes the whole interaction more vulnerable. Definately more unpredictable. More dangerous? And yet .. more real, and “incarnational” … more rewarding and open for surprises?! No wonder, “God made his dwelling (tent) among us” 🙂

Is the world of achievement and drivenness and distrust the “real world”? or is there a more “real” world that’s we would all prefer to live in, be part of or even help construct (or usher in)?

How about reading the Bible as Film? (Thanks Robert Farrar Capon) Got me back to a playful mode this morning …

Glad I could chat with someone today online, appreciated her honesty … but I do struggle to understand why one makes the choices he or she makes.

Got a referral for an African to come to BLC this week from my Charismatic church pastor friend … it was funny, but quite delightful to read the mail and later call this African young man studying in Malaysia.

Hmmm .. I think the people I’m meeting are going to be waiting for me .. what can happen around the conversations at dinner. Wonders I suppose …

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