Random Thoughts after Tom Yam KFC

I’m thankful I managed to survive and actually communicate to some degree to the participants at my two hours session on Lutheran Pietism at Taman Midah Lutheran Church. I must admit, my mandarin is really rusty!

It’s been sometime since I interacted with those involved in the
Chinese-Mandarin speaking Christians more indepth. I realized that there’s something emerging as well. Though different but worth listening … sounds like the struggle is more towards how to grow out of “conservatism” or worse some polished form of “fundamentalism” … hmmm maybe some interaction might coming up soon.

May Chin and I were talking about how “timely” Dr. Voon’s sharing this morning during the Worship about “the contemplative life” based on the Mary and Martha episode with Jesus. I felt that God used her sharing and our time of silence & reflection to draw me closer to Him and what we humans are really all about – i.e. relationships. Good stuff!

It was quite fun to all pretty much all the continents represented in our little community of worship today. We only had Latin America missing. We had the Finnish duo, the Aussie resident aliens, and a new comer from Bostwana, and of course the Malaysians! And the scripture reading during worship was from Revelation and how the magnitude worshiped the lamb that was slain … awesome glimpse what’s really in God’ mind!

Looking forward to a “Sabbath” tomorrow … mine is supposed to be on Monday. Thursday I’ll be speaking in a college CF, and then on Friday a secondary school CF evangelistic meeting. But, for now … learning to enter some kind of REST. It’s been quite a week … and it will be another interesting week.

BTW, the Tom Yam flavoured KFC was so so … 🙂

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