Introducing …

Well … I asked both of them to blog and their entries have been sporadic or almost non-existent. But, It was good to see alwynlau putting in a sudden surge of blog-energy! Check out his playful rendition of “Why did God create Mosquitoes?”

Yew Khuen is another guy I’m looking forward to hear more. After a long absence, his come back post Originality and Creativity seemed to get his brain juices pumping again. Looking forward for more.

We’ve met once together and hope to meet again. After Jason Clark’s encouragement we’re trying (and it’s very slow) to form a kind of Emergent Malaysia co-hort (for more check out emergentvillage & emergent-uk). At this stage, we just want to get the conversations flowing. Personally, I hope it can be a “safe place” for us to do not only “critical” thinking but more importantly a place where “constructive” proposals and ideas can be shared to help us move forward. If anyone (from Malaysia) is interested please mail me.

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