Evaluation Summer School 2004


1. A time for learning
2. A time for rest
3. A time for new experiences
4. space for new relationships and friendhsips
5. Moments for reflection

I liked most … why?
1. the congregational visits and participation at furstenfeldbruck because of the chance for more in depth grassroot understanding or sample of the ELCB congregational life and church condition.
2. The summer school lectures and interactin with the speakers because not only were there quality information conveyed but lots of insights generated.
3. The Luther sites tour because I could more concretely picture and appreciate the Lutheran heritage especially with the help of the guides.
4. when the working group dynamics worked, I found the mutual learning to be very enriching especially for the interaction with Luther’s writings.

I liked least … why?
1. The working groups sometimes because often the discussion could not get focused and there’s a feeling that it was not in depth.

Improvements …
1. The working groups could have been facilitated by someone trained and prepared from Missionswerk to guide the flow of the discussions and serve as a catalyst for new possibilities.
2. The time arrangement (e.g. Wittenburg which was on saturday) could have been arranged in a way that allowed sufficient time for shopping because in our case when we finished the LutherHouse the shops were closed.

Main results and outcome personally …
1. New learning or “raw material” for deeper reflection and application in my own context.
2. New friendships and contacts 1st with Missionswerk persons as well as ELCB in general, and also the participants from different countries.
3. A better appreciation of the lutheran reformation heritage through the Luther tour and also german society and Christianity past and present.

Living and learning together!
almost 4 weeks together …
– at times there was a lack of give and take with some participants which could be perceived as “rudeness”.
– language is always a challenge.

– singles rooms allowed for personal space
– having fun together!

– that I found myself findint it easier to connect with some participants better than I expected.
– I was suprised to find it was harder for others I thought should have been easier.

Looking to the future
suggestions …
1. some way to prepare the hosts for congregational visits.
2. Mention in the information pack who was the previous participant so the incoming one could get some idea from them what to expect.

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