Complete … Beginning … Celebration


The summer school may be completed but for me as this trip is coming to an end in actual fact there are also new beginnings waiting to blossom as some important seeds have been sown in my time here. The certificate (which maybe just a piece of paper with important signatures and information) represents more than the words written there, it’s about all the days I’ve spent here, the people I’ve met and hope to meet again, the lessons interwoven in the official programme and the informal times, the ups and the downs … etc.

It was good to just have a nice farewell party … the celebration may mark the end of the summer school 2004, but I think it marks more of a beginning of more that God intends to do in us and through us. Celebration has both a “past”, “present” and a “future” dimension, I love it! How about seeing celebration as “transition” to better tomorrows?

The two guys make the best BBQ pork I’ve had for a long time (the chef marinated the “yummies” with wonder!)

People lining up for the goodies … yummy!

The feast before us …

A toast is in order … Prost!

Participants fooling around and having fun

Manfred our faithful companion for all these weeks giving thanks you speeches to those in front and behind the scenes.

The people are responsive! Happy people! There were lots of table talk too …

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