Lost & Found … On the way!


It’s been quite a roller coaster ride at least emotionally. Here’s how I’d look back at it …

I was elated when I could get an upgrade from economy class to business class for the flight to Doha (as you can see in my previous post) . It was like God saying to me, “You’ve been serious about my Kingdom business so here’s a little bonus for you, have some space to rest!” On the way to the gate though the security was so tight that everyone had a “decent” check before we entered. Gareth’s present had to go through another scan just to make sure it’s “safe” (seems that a “Thomas the Train set” looks suspicious under X-rays). One already upset traveller had to take off his boots for another examination. hmmm … 🙂 you could imagine his mood that time.

The flight was delayed and the air-conditioning of the plane was obviously not working (by Malaysian standards) and we were all baked liked muffins (or like my Canadian seat mate in the plane said, “It’s a sauna in here!” The funny thing was when the pilot apologized for this and gave the reason that we’re hot because the temperature outside is hot. *grin*

Off we go about 2 hours late … It was a good flight. These “business class” seats were really cool and I managed to get some needed “shut eye” time. Before we arrived, both Jennifer (the Canadian) and I had a good laugh watching “Just for laughs” and I was in high spirits considering that I’m going home.

My next flight was 2300 at Doha, and we arrived at 2240 so you can imagine how the high spirits changed to some other kind of excitement. As some of you know, I missed a connected flight before 10 years ago in China (now that’s another story!). It’s quite an experience when your name is called over the PA system in an international airport. so, I dashed to gate 4 and got on the bus taking me to the plane. It seemed they were all waiting for me (ok! there were another 4-5 others who came after me) It was a great relief when I sat down in my narrow economy seat. Phew! But somehow, I had this itching feeling that the adventure was not over yet …

The long flight about 7 hours 55 minutes was not so nice … after a spacious business class to economy class. Plus, the whole plane was packed on this flight to KLIA and later goint to Jakarta. Quite a number of people sleeped on the floor considering it’s always impossible to get decent sleep in these seats. Watched 3 movies here and there. Only concentrated on Shrek 2 which was a nice second watch for me. Managed to read a couple of chapters of a book … but the rest of the time was a drag and a pain.

so, you can imagine my delight when we touched down on Malaysian soil and I strolled to my Baggage claim after getting Benedictine D.O.M (which somehow I knew May Chin would have wanted me to get. I was right!) And there, my eyes went round and round for I don’t know how long and my two pieces of luggage didn’t come out.

The adventure has not ended yet. Hmm … The “humour” of God maybe? What a ride … Next. it’s filing forms making a report and walking to the KLIA express train with a heavy heart. Most of my souvenirs and all my clothes were in the bags there, not mentioning the last minute chocolates I got. It was a long ride emotionally to KL Sentral station.

There was much joy in the midst of the disappointment when Gareth was “so excited” to see me. He’s changed much after a month, grown up a lot. He danced round and round, hugged me and totally “accepted” me home much better than I expected (I thought he might have forgotten me after a month’s absence.) How soothing!

Later when May Chin came home she told me the people in charge of “Lost and Found” in KLIA called and said that my luggage should arrive today. Of course, I’m still waiting today and hope that this little adventure will have a good ending (or more of a bonus ending). Somehow, my trips always has some juicy episodes.

So, they were lost … and found … and on the way … very much like our adventures in daily life I suppose and life as a whole … once we were lost and in Christ we’re found (as the good old hymn rings!) and in many ways we’re still on the way before arriving our final destination. Life doesn’t have to be boring or routine, and of course, I wouldn’t want to have too many “ups & downs” like this one .. and yet, what’s most important goes beyond the “lost & found plus on the way” journey, it’s about the meaning we discover in the midst of these outer events and the whole array of thoughts and feelings that’s on the inside. So far the lesson that comes back again and again is more than “There’s is a God and we humans are so so limited”. It’s more about “There is a Gracious God, and he’s so gracious to me even though so often I’m such a mess!” …

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound!


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