Untamed Vessels


When I first got the news that these young Malaysian songwriters (namely untamed vessels) wanted to try something, as usual I’m supportive (furthermore we had and have a relationship that goes way back to my former church). And the question goes how far would I support them. Can BLC play a little part as encouragement? So, let’s see what happens on September 4th 2004 as mentioned in the info up there 🙂

So, on a personal level especially I want to encourage the growing passion and sincere desire of young songwriters who are Christians to jump into creative and constructive expression of worship.

But deep down I want to encourage more than passion in creativity and a good start, I sincerely would like to see a growing genuine wisdom and depth of reflection that will take them further in the long run. Thus, I think An Open Letter to Worship Songwriters is a must read for serious minded Worship songwriters in Malaysia (so we can avoid some unnecessary pitfalls and truly focus of the God-given potential for quality songs!)

After reflecting on the open letter above then check out An Unauthorized Postscript (pdf file here) on the open letter. Let’s learn from many of the current worship songwriters who do a good job, and let’s also make our little contributions as Malaysians with originality and flavour that’s more than a nice sounding melody and rhythm, but really from the depths of a genuine spirituality combined with lyrics that opens our eyes to see a vision of God that changes our lives and beyond. That would be my personal words of exhortation to …


… and all those who would like to embark on the worship songwriting journey!

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