Random Thoughts after “The Village”


I actually liked the movie and in its simplicity sparked off some thoughts in my mind on a variety of issues ranging from fear to the desire to be protected and so on. I was wondering how come the Malaysian publicity posters in the papers at least seemed to give a wrong impression. I saw three posters online and wondered why we didn’t really use it here. Hmm … So, far this is the second movie I’ve watched after Spiderman 2 (which I also enjoyed very much). Both are quite different movies, but I enjoyed the sparks they gave me to think and to feel … and it’s always nice to talk with someone about the themes and insights raised in the movies.

There was a cute little twist for yesterday’s worship gathering (nothing like the movies I mentioned above of course!). As I rushed out of the house with May Chin & Gareth to make it for the pre-worship rehearsal (I was playing bass), I left my message mind-map notes at home (opps!!!). Thankfully, somehow and in someway … I still managed to share the message pretty smoothly. 🙂 Not sure whether people noticed that I was “note-less”!! 🙂

Last night’s steamboat party for the “LightHouse” LiFe Group was really fun! Our family really enjoyed ourselves in spite of a difficult Sunday afternoon without a decent nap (Gareth was somehow very energetic!) It’s great to celebrate the groups mini-resurrection 🙂 and the new relationships formed between new members …

Saturday night was quite a long evening. I felt very honored to be given the chance to share at my friend’s 3rd church anniversary celebration. I realize that my Mandarin is still much to be desired from a Chinese church point of view. But, thankfully I survived and was able to get the message across 🙂 I admit, there is a cultural gap for me as I participated in the service even though I’m Chinese (in a way .. that’s another story). But, that does not need to dampen the participation and the support I can offer to this congregation and others like them. And I can remain open to learn from them as well … and indeed there are aspects BLC for example can learn from them … but this growing awareness of the nuances even in our own Christian context here in Malaysia has been stronger nowadays as I keep my links with other churches. How one thinks about these differences and handles them requires much thought and tolerance …

I’m also catching up with some blog reading and maybe commenting today … but later tonight will be our council meeting so I hope to have enough energy to focus on some “immediate” & “important” matters for my final “re-orientation” back to ministry in Malaysia – i.e. BLC leadership. so, that’s all for now …. maybe more tomorrow.

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