Good News … for a change!


Just once a while, and I must say for a long while, there’s a front page story that “moves” me at a deeper level. And a story like this on one, i.e. Abducted baby found safe made me pause for a moment to offer thanks. It’s a story with its own twists and turns, highlighting danger, sadness, fear and all that goes with such an unwanted event.

It’s so good to read “GOOD NEWS” for a change … and though it does not ignore the crime committed, but to read that the mother got back her little ying Ying and the part that the Malay couple just “soften” my often “hardened” heart.

News like this “does” something beyond the words on the paper to people I believe who are willing to pause and allow some space for “spiritual formation” would really find meaning beyond the daily routine we so used to.

I was drawn back to God in a way that I needed to. Thinking about how often I’ve been “abducted” by all sorts of forces around me. I carved out time just to be in his presence and grateful that He came to “seek and save the lost”, how lost we are – so often. I felt so grateful that he holds me in his arms in safety and security … in Christ, there’s power over sin, death and the devil that seeks to “abduct” me through all sorts of scheming and strategies.

The whole “Good News” theme rang this whole morning in me and how important “Good News” needs to penetrate the cloud of “Bad News” that keeps bombarding us non-stop. Of course, again and again … I was just drawn in prayer with the Bible text before me after breakfast back to the “Good News” found in this person Yeshua, or some call Yesus (Malay), in Mandarin Yesu, and to the world mostly know as Jesus.

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