Random Thoughts at Free Wifi Zone

(flower shot taken in front of the Father’s House gate at 8.35am on sunday yesterday. it simply refreshed me!)

Nice to just sit here trying out One Utama shopping centre’s Free Wifi Zone! Free is good…

Glad on a Monday morning just to be reminded of some good healthy wisdom from Jason Clark (Thanks Mate!) which he posted under Advice to a younger pastor/minister. At first I thought of picking out 3-5 but then on seconds thoughts the whole list is great!:

“~ Don’t start things in life you aren’t willing to finish
~ Love everyone but be carerful with deep trust
~ Learn deep faith in God through all the difficulties of life,
faith during good times means little.
~ Read the old dead guys and proverbs and the gospels alot.
~ Be who you are and nothing more or you will end up being less.
~ Be serious about being devote and holy.
~ Listen
~ Enjoy the little things of life
~ Measure yourself by how you treat the least in your church
~ Preach God’s Word not your opinions or the latest fad
~ It’s a sin to bore people with the Word of God which is
the most relevant information in the universe.
~ Love your wife above all without letting your eyes see any other
-if you have one
~ Have a friend you can be drop dead honest with
~ Find something to do that brings you joy apart from ministry
~ Realize what a staggering call it is to be a pastor,
it is the most powerful and terrifying job in this life
anyone can have.”


Read The Blogosphere’s Favorite Real Live Preacher last week, here’s a few things that caught my attention – especially because I feel I relate to them.

“… I started Real Live Preacher not as a ministry or an attempt to do anything other than write, and write as honestly as I could.

… I wrote only for my own gratification and all of these people started coming to read.

… I’ve become very disinterested in some of the things that seem to be of great interest to “churchy Christians.” I don’t really care what kind of music we play at church. I don’t care how many people are there. I don’t care what kind of clothes people have. I really don’t care about the finer points of theological discourse. If a person is willing to follow Christ, that’s all I need to know.

… Become a blogger if you wish to be a part of blogging, if you want to write and to share who you are. I started Real Live Preacher because I wanted to write and share my voice and view of the world in a forum where everyone is doing that.

… I started Real Live Preacher not wanting to do anything for anyone other than myself.”

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