USA Presidential Election 2004

I pray with my friend Willzhead these (grace-filled tonic) Election Eve Prayers and thanks to Winn for the link to this blog article entitled “The Wounds of America” which brings out much that was not discussed in the papers.

Please allow me to quote Will’s prayers in full …

# That each citizen of this country who wants to vote and is properly registered will be allowed.

# That one candidate might have a clean and decisive win, avoiding the pain and agony of 2000.

# That on Wednesday, November 3rd, each person who follows Jesus will remember that our model for governing is to serve. As “Christians” that is the only power we have.

# That each one of us will reach out to those with different beliefs and look for how Jesus might be expressed in our lives through them. This will be especially true for us in the Church who might hold different opinions. After all, someone is bound to be disappointed. But remember that everyone is watching, and a test of being a follower of Jesus is how you love other followers.


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